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Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Bulletin - July 12, 2020

Due to technical difficulties, we will be unable to live stream mass this weekend.

Masses for Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Tuesday July 14 6:00 p.m. †Tim Thomas, †Francis Hopfinger

Wednesday July 15 8:00 a.m. †Fr. Albert Eugene Kreher, †Phillip S. Aydt

Thursday July 16 8:00 a.m. ††Francis & Frances

Masses for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday July 18 5:00 p.m. ††Gary & Gordon Coy, †Deceased Charles T. Aydt Family,

†John "Bill" Mezo

Sunday July 19 8:30 a.m. ††Lee & Charlene Rubenacker, †Brenda Lueke, †Donald Lueke

We welcome everyone back to Mass!

We the parishioners of St. John the Baptist, brothers and sisters in Christ, accept as our mission:

to know our faith and share it with others,

to continue to grow spiritually with respect for the sacraments,

to celebrate the liturgy and the Holy Eucharist as the center of our Christian life,

to live by truth and love,

to serve those in need, to teach by example, and thereby strengthen and inspire our Parish family in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church.

Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Bulletins: New & Old


Photo Gallery

Monthly Ministry List

Sunday Collection

Envelopes (41) $2,555

Loose $ 5

Youth (1) $ 1

Easter (1) $ 200

CSMA (2) $ 50

Peter's Pence (2) $ 30

Building (1) $ 20

PSR (1) $ 20

Scholarship (10) $ 361

Total $3,242

Your financial support remains an important part of our Parish life and helps us keep going. Please continue giving your time, talent, and treasure at this difficult time. Please mail, drop-off your offertory in the mailbox by Parish office front door. In the midst of COVID-19, our Parish still needs to operate. Thank you for being generous, during this difficult time!

From the July

Liturgical Calendar

13 - St. Henry

Pray For The Sick And Homebound

Edith Haas, Larry Hunt, Marie Hopkins, Bill Lueke, James Frey, Bob Wilson, Vickie Rapp Grant, Kent Karcher, Larry Nice, Paul & Helen Wellen, & Kenneth Karcher

Reminder: Due to federal privacy laws, we are not allowed to list people or visit who are sick or in the nursing home without written authorization from that individual or from their immediate family who has authorization. Form can be requested from the office.

Handicap/Elderly Accessible Parking Lot

We are in the process of building a handicap/elderly accessible parking lot on the west side of church. Diocese wants us to have 50% of the total cost of $74,000. If anyone would be interested in donating a load of 1 inch rock (if you are unable to haul the rock yourself, contact office and arrangements can be made) or making monetary donation to the project, please contact the office or drop your donation in the collection basket. So far we have received $16,800 of the $37,000 needed.

For the welfare of the People of God and the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Bishop Braxton on June 30, 2020 SUPPRESSED & CLOSED Next 2 Parishes

St. Pancratius, Fayetteville and St. Francis de Sales, Stonefort

Religious items from St. Francis de Sales are available to purchase, call 618-658-4501.


July 22 at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Belleville at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to view the Mass which will be televised live on EWTN. The Mass will also be available on the EWTN website at:

Ordination to the Priesthood:

The Reverend Mr. Nicholas T. Fleming & The Reverend Mr. Joel L. Seipp

St. Clare of Assisi Parish in O’Fallon

The Reverend Mr. Carl E. Schrage

St. Lawrence Parish in Sandoval

Saturday, July 11 at 10:30 a.m. at Cathedral of St. Peter. During this Liturgy, our Priest Jubilarians will be honored. The Oil of Catechumens and the Oil of the Sick will be blessed. The Sacred Chrism will be consecrated. Seating is limited, but Mass will be live streamed at: Please join me in praying for our candidates for Priesthood and our Jubilarians.

Expressions of Appreciation for Bishop Braxton

On May 13, Bishop Braxton celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the Priesthood. On May 17, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his Consecration as a Bishop. On June 22, he celebrated the 15th anniversary of his Installation as Eighth Bishop of Belleville. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the formal celebration of these milestones has been delayed until next Spring.

You are invited to express your appreciation in the form of prayers. You and your family members may offer Spiritual Bouquets of Mass Intentions, Scripture Prayers, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosaries, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and other prayers.

Please send a card or a note listing your prayers to the Bishop's Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Judy Hoffmann, at the Chancery. If you wish, you may put your prayers and gifts in the Sunday collection or in mailbox by the office door. These gift can be sent any time in the weeks and months ahead.

You many also express your appreciation with a tax deductible gift to the Diocese in the Bishop's honor to help provide items needed for the Residence of the Bishop Emeritus, a house that was given to the Diocese. Your contribution should be payable to the Diocse of Belleville and sent to: Mr. Michael Gibbons, CFO, at the Chancery. Mr. Gibbons will, in turn, send you a tax letter.

There will be printed bulletin and new Living Faith Books in plastic tote by office door for those who would like receive paper copy.

Deacon Notes:

Today's Gospel from Matthew are the start of Jesus speaking to the crowds in Parables. Jesus speaks of the hidden mysteries of the Church. A (Parable) is a "comparison" between two things for illustration. (1) Parables invite the humble to reach behind the images and lay hold to God's truth. (2) Conversely, they obstruct the proud and conceal divine mysteries from the unworthy. Jesus speaks parables for the benefit of the faithful and the judgment of unbelievers. We must be humble, to understand God's word, and not be of this world, Amen!

Good day and God Bless, Deacon Arch


Please note we will be starting back with weekday masses next week.This will be available as long as we have volunteers. It is important to know that you MUST call the office, 618-648-2490, to reserve a day. You can only attend, if you have made your reservations. If you leave a message, please leave your name and number and the office will get back with you to confirm your day.

Tips for All Worshipers
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